Product Updates: HIPAA Compliant Direct Messaging, Sending Activities…

June 27, 2017
Therachat Update Direct Messaging HIPAA

The last month, we’ve been working on some very exciting new features. Please follow along on some of the things we’ve been working on:

Direct messaging in a HIPAA compliant way

Having the ability to send messages to your clients is a vital way of connecting & engaging with your clients in between sessions. However, SMS, email and phone calls are not HIPAA compliant. We wanted to offer a secure environment for therapists & their clients to communicate and send messages without compromising the clients’ data security & privacy. That’s why we build Direct Messaging into Therachat. Since our platform is completely HIPAA compliant, direct messaging through Therachat is also HIPAA compliant.

Start sending messages to your clients in a secure way!

Direct Messages

Send activities to clients

Do your clients forget which activities you suggested them to do during the week? Do your clients bring in paper work you have to go through in a session? These are all common pains in therapy.

With Therachat you can now send your clients activities to do in between sessions. Through the mobile app, your clients will be reminded to do the activities you scheduled for them & you will see the results in your dashboard. Instantaneous. 


Therachat activities

Update your profile

Did you forget to set a password? Or would you rather reset your password? Do you want to use your name when inviting a client to use Therachat?  On your profile page you can now change your settings and add more info.

Inviting clients was never easier

Inviting clients to use Therachat is now easier than ever. You can add your name to the invitation and add a custom message to send to your clients.

For your clients in the mobile app

Bug fixing & 24h support

We improved a lot in the mobile app so that your clients have a better experience when using Therachat. We continuously strive to help when things go wrong, that’s why we have a 24/7 customer support team you can reach through the mobile app, the web dashboard or through

Bookmarking journal entries

Do your clients forget to bring up important issues in a sessions? With our bookmarking system your clients can now save important journal entries they want to talk about in a session and easily access them from the app.

Better onboarding & being connected to you

It took some steps for your clients to be connected to you. Not any longer! Your clients can now identify that they have a therapist and connect to you.


Try Therachat yourself or Learn More

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