Therachat Update: Enhanced Emotion Tracking

July 18, 2017
Improved Emotion Tracking Small

We listened to your great feedback on emotion tracking and decided to upgrade it.

Enhanced Emotion Tracking

With the enhanced emotion tracking we intended to

  • Make it easier to track emotions following the Wheel of Emotions.
  • Help people articulate which emotions they are feeling & enhance their emotional literacy.
  • Give a better view on the progress that is made.
  • Help people be more aware of the emotions they are feeling.

Emotion Tracking In Depth

We have split up emotion tracking in 3 different steps.

  • Step One: Defining Primary Emotions
    The first step is to define primary emotions. Often times it’s easier for people to identify the basic emotions they are feeling.
  • Step Two: Rating Intensity
    By rating the intensity of the primary emotions we will be able to visually show progress over time and a reduction of negative emotions.
  • Step Three: Diving Into Secondary Emotions
    Lastly we ask users to define secondary emotions. By seeing a list of deeper emotions, users become more aware of which emotion they are feeling.

Emotion Tracking Charts For Therapists

The emotions clients track on our mobile app translates into easily readable charts where therapists can follow progress of the emotions of their clients are experiencing in between therapy sessions.

Try it Out Yourself on the Mobile App

Download the free mobile Therachat app on iOS or Android & try it out yourself.

Stimulate Emotion Tracking with Clients

If you would like to stimulate your clients to track their emotions & have insights into their tracking data, sign-up for Therachat via the form underneath this post!



If you are a therapist, create an account for free here

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